Mission Craft Cocktails has proudly made donations to local food banks that have provided 33,586 meals to families in need.

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Our Story.

Two best friends who love cocktails, but didn’t always love making them.

Meet Amit & Marcin

Amit and Marcin met in Southern California at a charity event and instantly hit it off. They bonded over a shared life outlook with a good drink in hand – and that neither wanted to actually make the drink themselves. So, they went out to find a quality, ready-to-pour cocktail made with premium ingredients that felt like something they’d get at a swank bar. All they found were trendy fads with bad taste. And there the mission began. To craft and bottle better cocktails with local ingredients and authentic spirits. Something they could feel proud serving to their friends over ice, with a philanthropic purpose to pour it forward with every bottle. The duo is as hands-on as it gets; making sure each ingredient, spirit, fruit, and spice is taste-tested and above-bar quality. Cheers to that.

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